8—Artistic Style

Welcome back! Here we start part 2 of the course… We’re assuming you’re already a capable deep learning practitioner, and specifically that you’ve mastered all the material from part 1. So head over to the part 1 web site if you’re not quite there yet.

We begin with a discussion of a big change: from Theano to Tensorflow. You’ll learn about some of the exciting new developments in Tensorflow that have led us to the decision to make this change. We’ll also talk about a major project we highly recommend: build your own deep learning box!

We’ll also talk about how to approach one of the biggest challenges in this part of the course: reading acadmic papers. Don’t worry, it’s not as terrifying as it first sounds—especially once you know some of our little tricks.

Then, we start our deep dive into creative and generative applications, with artistic style transfer. You’ll be able to create beautiful and interesting images even if your artistics skills are as limited as Jeremy’s… :)